What is Coffee Break?
Coffee Break is a prepaid based membership with unlimited access to the best cafes in your city. We are changing the way people buy coffee.

Is Coffee Break free to download?

Is there a signup promotion?
YES! You get a free cup on your first plan purchase using the promo code provided at our merchant’s establishment. Just look out for our standee with the promo code listed. Upon purchase of any plan using the promo code, a free cup will be credited into your account within 7 days. Just make sure you use it before it expires. This free token is only valid for 7 days from credit.

I’ve received a Promo Code. How do I redeem it?
If you have received  a promo code, you can redeem it when you pay for your subscription plan. You just need to key in the specific promo code in the “Promo Code” field provided. Do note that promo codes can only be used once and are not convertible to cash.

How can I earn free coffee?
Earn FREE Cups with Your Own Referral Code!
For every friend that registers a new account with your referral code and purchases their first plan (excludes single cup plan), you’ll get 5 free cup! Just make sure to use it within 30 days before it expires.

Where can I use Coffee Break?
You can use Coffee Break in any of our partner merchants.  So whether you want to grab a quick coffee in between meetings on the weekday or chill at your favourite cafe with your friends over the weekend, there’s always a cafe near you. Start enjoying your coffee!

How do I find a Coffee Break partner cafe near  me?
You can find these cafes by clicking on the NEAR US button and the GPS icon on the top right to search for the nearest cafe.

Can I still use the app if I want to turn off my GPS?
Yes. However, our partner cafe list will be sorted out in alphabetical order instead of distance.

When does a subscription plan start?
The minute you finish your payment in the app, your plan is activated.

How long does the subscription plans last?
Basic plan (5 tokens) expires 30 days from purchase.
Advanced plan (10 tokens) expires in 60 days from purchase.
Master plan (20 tokens) expires in 90 days from purchase.

Can I get a refund if I change my mind about the subscription?
No. We do not offer a refund once the payment has been made.

My plan is expiring in a few days. What can I do?
To extend the validity of the subscription plan, you must purchase a new subscription plan prior to expiration. Residual credit and days balance will be brought forward into the new subscription if the account is reloaded before the usage expiry date. 

How do I see my expiration or remaining cup balance?
Click on My Account and you will see detail of your current plan and the remaining balance.

Can I view my past transactions?
Yes. Just click on Redemption History within the app to view history. Pull up the drawer to get the menu.

Can I store my credit card details to buy subscription plans?
Unfortunately, not at this moment. This will ensure your details are safe! 

How do I cancel my account?
When your plan expires and you haven’t purchased a plan, then your account isn’t active and there is no need to cancel anything.

Why haven’t you partnered with my favourite cafe?
If there is a cafe you would like to see on Coffee Break, let us know! Inform us from our Contact Page, by clicking on the Suggest a Shop in the app or emailing us at hello@hellocoffeebreak.com

I am a cafe owner and I want to join your Coffee Break family.
Great! Please contact us at coffeebreakfamily@hellocoffeebreak.com

I am experiencing technical difficulty with my app. Help!
We are sorry about it. Please send us an email at help@hellocoffeebreak.com with the details and we will try our best to resolve it.

I love Coffee Break. Can I give give it as a gift?
We are happy that you want to spread the Coffee Break love. Contact us at hello@hellocoffeebreak.com and we can help prepare the perfect Gift card.

Do you offer corporate subscription plans?
Yes! Please contact us at hello@hellocoffeebreak.com so we can help go over the details on setting up a corporate plan for your company.

I am from a charity organization and would like to work with Coffee Break.
Great! We love to give back and is always looking out for new organisations to work with. Please contact us at hello@hellocoffeebreak.com

More questions?
Do contact us or drop us an email at hello@hellocoffeebreak.com and we will get back to you shortly